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1st-sister-s-orgasm-at-her-wedding-day-emily-bee.mp4 [3.17GB] - Your sis calls you asking for some help at the day of her wedding, so you rush to her place ready for anything. She tells you, that she has some doubts about this wedding and she doesn’t know what to do. You find out that your sis has never had an orgasm in her entire life, and she can’t just lose the last chance before wedding to feel it. And also, she can’t risk cheating on her fiancé without being sure, that guy will get her there. But she knows for sure, that you are really good in bed. She heard moans of all of your ex’s, while you were still living together. So now she hopes, that her brother will help her in this difficult situation. And of course, you will. You will lick your sis, till she squirts in your mouth, and then you will fuck her raw, so she will cum and squirt even stronger. Your sis loves it so much, that she doesn’t even mind if you will impregnate her right in her wedding day. Her fiancé doesn’t need to know about it. And also, she hopes, that it is not the only time, when you help her to cum, and you may repeat it again.

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