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deal-with-friends-hot-desperate-mom-p-1-wca-productions.mp4 [529.17MB] - i was over at my friend Jason's house to do some study but when i walked in the house his mom Mandy said she wanted a word with me. she said she knew me and her son Jason weren't as close as we use to be since he was a jock now and i was more of a nerd but she reminded when we were little we were supper close. she said she hoped that would convince me to help Jason study and pass his last few classes so he can get into college. i told her i would go do a study session with him and let her know what i thought when we finished. after the study session was over i found Mandy in the living room and told her it didn't look there was a lot i could do to help Jason. she looked upset with the news, she set the magazine down she was reading on the coffee table and asked me to follower her. i followed Mandy into her bedroom and closed the door behind us. she wanted to make sure we were alone and asked me if i was Jason leave for practice and i told her he had. she asked me again if i thought there was anyway to help Jason, anything at all that would save his college chances. she said she was will to pay or do whatever it take to help Jason, i was quite for a minute and then i said the only way he could pass is if i let him cheat and copy my work which would be really risky for me. she said if i would do that she would be happy to pay me for taking the risk, i told her my tutor business made me great money so i didn't need to be paid but she could do something for me that would make me take the risks. i told her i had always had a crush on her and she was willing to make some of my fantasies cum true then i would let Jason copy my work. she said i was like a son to her so we couldn't do anything physical but if i promises to keep my mouth shut then she would be willing to pay me with some naughty stuff once a week for letting him copy. i agreed and she told me she would strip down to her bra and panties and pose for me, i asked if i could jerk off and she agreed. she looked so good in her matching bra and panties it didn't take me long to cum at all. i cant wait for my text naughty payment. This is part 1 of Secret Deal With My Friends Hot Desperate Mom, this series stars Mandy Rhea. This is a POV Taboo Milf Cougar Cheating Wife Strip Tease JOI Masturbation Tease Scene. To be clear this is a JOI Tease Scene, there is no sex in this part

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