[676.19MB] Fixing the picky eater- Pee edition - Baal Eldritch

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fixing-the-picky-eater-pee-edition-baal-eldritch.mp4 [676.19MB] - You have visited a famous doctor who can fix eating disorder issues. You are VERY picky, let's admit it. You cannot really eat because you always having problems with accepting the food. Your friends are worried about you because you are way too thin, so you have decided to visit her to get help. Maybe she can change your mindset with her therapeutic relaxation sessions... For your biggest surprise she will help. She will make you become a swine, but not as the way you thought... Once you are at home, you will feel the urge to lick the toilet seat clean, and while you do that you will get a rock hard boner. The worst is whenever you visit the toilet you will have to eat out the filth from it, you will feel painful hunger and you want to eat everything that you found inside your loo... Luckily right after the first session, you will start to gain weight... (This is a short version about Piss consuming only).

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