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nadya-s-tiny-fan-pov-giantess-foottonguemouthvore.mp4 [730.32MB] - This was a custom clip based on the following: He has been dreaming about this for years and now his dream is not far to come true. A tiny fan is hiding in Nadia’s house, staring at her feet, waiting to be noticed by her. He has observed her on the internet playing with other tinies and has fallen in love with her. Nadya has seen him already but she likes the idea of being observed by a tiny pervert like this one. The little guy has a secret fetish which is to watch giant girls flatten insects under their feet. He would be even happier if Nadya lets him worship her giant body and feet first. The only problem for him is that he is ashamed with it and doesn’t know how to confess his fantasy. She lets him crawl at her feet few seconds until she decides to catch him then puts him in front of her on the table. Although she knows that such little perverts have a giantess fetish, she teases him until he confesses his secret fetish. A little bit surprise first, she look at him closer and ask him some questions about his strange fetish. This is probably the first time she has one asking her to flatten insects in front of him and even begging her to be stepped on like a pathetic cockroach. But she seems to like the idea and lies down on her belly so he can crawl on her sexy body first While he is worshiping her and kissing her on the neck, she teases him about his pathetic fetish. She allows him to kiss her feet then crawl on her back until he reaches her neck and kisses her there. She can see that he is a true worshiper that would have been a perfect boyfriend if not his ridiculous size. Once she has teased him good, she stands up and gives him what he wanted the most. She starts by looking for some bugs on the floor but doesn’t find. She then remembers that she has the collection of her boyfriend somewhere. She picks up some in her hand just to watch his reaction. He has a hard on just by watching her red painted nails. She then throws few on the floor and simulates some bug flattening just for him. It doesn’t take long until he comes in front of her. He is really pathetic and she still can’t believe that something like that turns on some little perverts like this one. When she raises her sexy foot on top of him, he gets even more excited. She is about to destroy him but thinks that such a little pervert must be shared with other ladies first. The little guy couldn’t imagine better news.

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