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meet-ivy-de-luna-altporn4u.mp4 [414.84MB] - This is the first video of “Meet the Performers” series, and Ivy is our featured model! There’s an interview before and after the shoot so you can get to know performers better! 2021 update note: This was Ivy’s first porn shoot ever, so now she’s a little bit more experienced, she wanted to add a disclaimer: “The shooting was like at the beginning of 2018, it was my first time ever making porn and I used the concept “funny lesbian”. I am so sorry, as it is biphobic. The moment I was shooting I was so nervous I thought “if I say I’m a dyke, cis males won’t ever buy my porn”, which now I know it’s not true. So I won’t say it again. I’m sorry I didn’t include bi people in my discourse. There’s loads of things I’ve said I’d change now, for example now I know dancing reggaeton is not only “ass shaking”. I apologize. Sending loads of love to all LGBTIQ+/MOGAI and BIPOC folks in there!” Having this said, we hope you enjoy the scene so much!

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